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  • South River High School welcomed Sami Steigman on April 25, 2017; his message was thought provoking and inspirational.  The presentation can be viewed via the link below:

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  • PARCC Assessment Information

    The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment is once again upon us.  It is once again time for SRHS to collect important information on how our students/your children are progressing academically.  We will be administering the PARCC assessment in English Language Arts/Literacy(ELA) and Mathematics as per the schedule noted below:


    April 19th and April 20th:

    ELA 10 & ELA 11


    April 21st and April 24th:

    ELA 9 and Algebra 2


    April 25th and April 26th:

    Geometry and Algebra 2


    May 1st and May 2nd:

    Modified Algebra 1  


    These online tests match the content and skills outlined in the new standards that are guiding instruction and they measure more complex, real-world skills such as critical-thinking, writing, and problem solving; questions on the assessment will require students to explain their answers and make connections across curricula.  Additional information can be obtained by visiting the following websites:

    The results from PARCC, along with your child’s overall educational learning experience, including performance in the classroom, will provide an overall picture of his/her academic success and progress towards graduating high school ready to succeed at college level work.  It will also provide your child, your child’s teachers, and you with an opportunity to identify and address academic growth targets.

    As always, please ensure that your child arrives to school by 7:40am (doors open at 7:15am and Grab N Go Breakfast is served until 7:35am) and is well rested for the assessment; no studying is required as skills taught all year will be addressed. Finally, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor if additional questions exist. 

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  • High School POPS Concert
    Congratulations on a job well done by South River High School's Band and Concert Chorus!  Please take a look for yourself utilizing the following link:

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  • Winter Sports Awards

    South River Middle School and High School Spring Awards Show is now On-Line (see Link Below) and on TV36. 


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  • Talent Show

    South River High School students as well as organizers Mr. McDowell, Mr. Minto, and Mr. Weiss are commended on this successful event.  The show can be viewed by following the links below:



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  • Mr. South River

    The full broadcast of Mr. South River can be located via the following link:

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  • Breakfast is available before the bell.  Click here for more information.

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  • South River High School serves breakfast and lunch to students and menus are displayed on with the pricing noted below:

    BREAKFAST                                           $1.00

    LUNCH                                                  $2.80

    REDUCED LUNCH                                   $0.40

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