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2024 Summer Learning


We hope you enjoy your summer. South River School District recognizes the need for our students to get out and enjoy the summer. We also recognize the importance of working with our families over the summer in keeping our students prepared and ready to start the next school year on the right foot. Included below are a number of links to summer learning opportunities for our students. 

For those students entering grades K - 8, please note that none of these are "required" however the links and information are suggested and highly encouraged. We hope that you will work with your students to accomplish some of the tasks and make learning fun for them. If you have any questions about any of these, either reach out to the staff member whose name is listed or please reach out to the building principal. 

For those students entering grades 9 -12, please use the links to access the summer learning opportunities listed. We encourage you to do a few questions each day and not to let the summer get away from you. In our non-AP courses, the packets are not "required" however the content covered in the first 1 or 2 classes is related to the summer work and you will be quizzed/tested on the content after the first week of class following the opportunity to ask questions about any of the content covered. In our AP courses, the packets are required and will be used as the framework for your first assessments in class. Again, if you have any questions about the summer learning, please contact the staff member listed on the packet or reach out to the building administrators. 

Primary School Summer Work

Elementary School Summer Work

Middle School Summer Work

High School Summer Work