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South River Public Schools

15 Montgomery St. | South River | NJ 08882

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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South River Public Schools is committed to promoting and fostering a diverse and inclusive educational system for both students and staff. We recognize that our diversity comes from celebrating differences in race, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We acknowledge the differing backgrounds of our population and engage in discussions around promoting success. We take pride in celebrating individual differences within our population.

Our district fosters and promotes an inclusive atmosphere that gives value to the contributions of diverse individuals in our school and community. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of creating a safe school environment where students feel welcomed.

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We are committed to building communities in South River that include people from diverse backgrounds having various ideas, identities, perspectives, and experiences.  We welcome individuals from all backgrounds.

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Our district ensures fair and equal treatment, access to information, opportunities and access to resources for all students, staff and families in our district.  Respect is the central idea that we instill in our school community.


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South River School District encourages a culture of acceptance where everyone feels welcome and respected.  It is our goal to create a sense of belonging where everyone's values and contributions can be celebrated therefore reducing feelings of isolation or exclusion.



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