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Gifted and Talented

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Gifted and Talented

Mrs. Karissa Disney, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Joseph Trivisonno, Assistant Superintendent

 The purpose of the district program for the gifted and talented is to provide appropriate educational services for those students who have been identified as having or possessing exceptional abilities. It is further recognized that these identified gifted and talented students need the challenge of a differentiated curriculum both in depth and scope in order to provide them with the opportunity to maximize their potential.

Typical Characteristics

·         Shows superior reasoning powers and marked ability to handle ideas; can generalize readily from specific facts and can see subtle relationships; has outstanding problem- solving ability.
·         Shows persistent intellectual curiosity; asks searching questions; shows exceptional interest in the nature of man and the universe.
·         Has a wide range of interests, often of an intellectual kind; develops one or more interests to considerable depth.
·         Has an ability to understand complex concepts, perceive relationships, and think abstractly
·         Is markedly superior in quality and quantity of written and/or spoken vocabulary; is interested in the subtleties of words and their uses.
·         Reads avidly and absorbs books well beyond his or her years.
·         Learns quickly and easily and retains what is learned; recalls important details, concepts and principles
·         Shows insight into arithmetical problems that require careful reasoning and grasps mathematical concepts readily.
·         Possesses a natural curiosity as to what makes things work, their functions, and purposes
·         Shows creative ability or imaginative expression in such things as music, art, dance, drama.
·         Sets realistically high standards for self
(These are typical factors stressed by educational authorities as being indicative of giftedness. Obviously, no child is outstanding in all characteristics).

Qualification for Gifted and Talented Programs

 A student can qualify for admission into the Gifted and Talented Program at any time. Students are identified and rated using the pre­-established criteria defined in the Selection Matrix.
 The Gifted and Talented and Matrix assesses student aptitude in relation to local and national achievement norms. The point value of each criterion are predetermined and reflect modest, yearly academic gains relevant to the selection measures of Gifted and Talented programs elsewhere.
The following criteria comprise each program’s matrix:
1. Achievement Tests
2. Teacher or Staff Recommendation
3. Local Benchmark Assessments
4. Other Screening Assessments (when applicable)
 Adaptations for ELL Students: ​ We understand that performance on Standardized Tests are challenging for students whose native language is other than English.  Therefore, admission criteria can be modified on a case­ by­ case basis by the building principal after direct consultation with the students’ English as a Second Language Teacher and classroom teachers.
Adaptations for Special Education: ​ Although this district plan has been developed for general education delivery, the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors identified are appropriate for the special education pupils in South River. Modifications necessary to accommodate the educational needs of an individual pupil’s disability will be described in the Individualized Educational Program (IEP).
For additional information or questions related to the district’s Gifted and Talented Program, or if you would like to file a formal complaint about the program or selection of students for the program, please contact:

Mrs. Karissa Disney, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
732-613-4006 x2007