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Grading and Assessment

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Grading & Assessment

South River Public Schools periodically reviews procedures used to assess students and report student progress to students and their parents.  The staff in South River is committed to providing the highest quality instruction coupled with rigorous yet relevant assessments that measure student progress toward mastery of the standards presented.   

By implementing grading practices that are representative of the high academic standards we promote, we ensure that student learning experiences align with the instructional outcomes that are put forth.  Assessments and grades provide students, families and educators with accurate and accessible information regarding student progress toward curriculum goals so that the educational community can provide the support for each student on their journey to be prepared to be successful in life both during and after their experiences in South River.  

We believe in providing our parents and community with a fair and equitable assessment process that includes both summative and formative assessments leading to a well rounded evaluation of student performance.  Our revised system for reporting student performance provides a comprehensive process that is aligned for all students in South River as they progress through our school system.  

Students in Grades K - 4 will use a standards based/performance based grading scale that is designed to provide parents and stakeholders information regarding their child as he or she progresses toward mastery of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Students in grades five through twelve continue to be assessed using a traditional points based grading scale.  This scale is outlined in the attachments below.  

South River Public Schools is dedicated to providing feedback from formative and summative evaluations to identify each student’s strengths and challenges throughout each school year in addition to monitoring student growth to assist the student, teacher, and family in reflecting on, and adjusting learning goals.  Our teachers are committed to providing equal access to opportunities for achieving academic success, developing meaningful relationships, and becoming productive citizens in our community.