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Health and Physical Education Standards


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Mr. Carl Buffalino, Director of Athletics and Physical Education



Dr. Joseph Trivisonno, Assistant Superintendent



Beginning in September, 2022, every public school district in New Jersey is required to adopt and teach a Health and Physical Education curriculum aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.  The South River curriculum guides have been revised to include the changes indicated by the New Jersey Department of Education.  They can be viewed by choosing the SOUTH RIVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS CURRICULUM link below.  Select the ALL CURRICULUM option and then choose the course you are looking for.  Some of the revisions include grade banding topics and concepts for students at the conclusion of grade 2, grade 5, grade 8 and grade 12.
For additional information regarding these standards, please choose from the links below:
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South River Public Schools Curriculum
In South River we recognize a parent's right to choose to have conversations regarding some topics presented in the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education standards privately.  Any parent of a child wishing to opt their child out of instruction related to health, family life education or sex education that is in conflict with their conscience or morally held beliefs should contact their child's building principal directly to opt their child out of instruction in these areas.  Alternate instructional activities in other health concepts (i.e. Nutrition and/or safety) will be provided for these students.