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Program of Studies


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 This page contains information and the Program of Studies regarding courses offered at South River High School for 2023 - 2024.  There are a number of changes to Course Pre-Requisites so parents and students are encouraged to review these for courses they are interested in.  Additionally, there are a number of new courses being offered in various content areas.

Each year, teachers (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) are asked to recommend students for placement in their successive courses.  This information is transmitted to the students' guidance counselors.  Additionally,  the students are provided a scheduling document that outlines the varied electives South River High School has to offer to students in that grade.  Students and parents choose a number of elective courses they are interested in taking.  Students then meet with their counselors to discuss the courses teachers recommended them for as well as the electives chosen.  If a student or parent has a question about their placement in a course within the four academic areas, they are encouraged to contact their teacher.

Any questions regarding the courses and/ or the prerequisites can be directed to your child's guidance counselor.