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About Us

About Us: Department of Climate & Culture

Welcome to the Department of Climate & Culture at South River Public Schools. Our mission goes beyond the traditional boundaries of education – we are dedicated to nurturing an educational environment that fosters not just academic excellence, but holistic growth for every student. 

With a focus on improving student attendance, promoting social-emotional learning, and building stronger bonds with all members of our community, we strive to create spaces where every student feels valued, understood, and empowered to achieve their fullest potential.

Our goal is to promote inclusion and cultivate an environment where every voice is heard and respected. We understand that for our students to thrive, they need more than just textbooks and tests; they need a supportive community that champions their well-being and respects their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Working together, we can build an educational community that not only meets the academic needs of our students but also nurtures their emotional, social, and cultural growth. By placing students at the center of our efforts, we can create an educational experience that is truly transformative.

Join us in our mission to empower every South River student, supporting their journey towards academic achievement, social connection, and personal growth.