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South River Public Schools

15 Montgomery St. | South River | NJ 08882

New Employee Paperwork Full Time 10/12 Month Instructional Staff


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Below are memos and forms for new 10 month hires to the South River School District.  Please also submit a copy of your Driver's License and Social Security Card.   A voided check will also be needed for your direct deposit. 

##### Please note items with the # in front of them are the ones that must be returned when handing in your paperwork.


# 2023 W-4.pdf


# Delta Dental Enrollment Form.pdf

# Direct Deposit.pdf


# Fingerprint Archive Instructions (1).pdf

# Health Exam Form.pdf

# Horizon NJEHP Enrollment Form.pdf

# New Teacher Orientation Flyer 2023.pdf

# NJ Withholding form.pdf

# Oath of Allegience.pdf

# Pension Enrollment Form.pdf


# Salary reduction notice 12.19.22.pdf


# TB TEST.pdf

# Waiver ack form 2023_new hires from 7.1.2020.pdf

# Waiver Form p2 23.24.pdf


2023 ADP IPay.pdf

Absence Management - AESOP (1).pdf

Affidavit for proof- new emp 23.24.pdf

Affordable Care Act 23.24.pdf

Affordable care act back up 23.24.pdf

Corebridge.Valic Financial 23.24.pdf

Delta Dental Benefit Booklet.pdf

Educator Plan Summary.pdf

Eligibility form.21.pdf

Equitable 403B Roth Flyer.pdf

Equitable 2022.pdf

Family Leave Insurance 23.24.pdf

FSA - What is DCAP- Electronic.pdf

FSA enrollment form.pdf

FSA Highlights 2023.pdf

FSA Trifold, No FSAStore - 2020.pdf

Garden State Plan -RX Summary.pdf

Garden State Plan -Summary 8.18.22.pdf

GHSP.NJEHP Grid 22.23.pdf

GSHP Contribution Rates 2022.pdf

GSHP Horizon Provider Lookup.pdf

GSHP Summary.pdf

Healthcare memo new employees 23.24.pdf

Misc. Benefits 23.24.pdf

National Life Group 22.23.pdf

National Life Group 403b.Roth Flyer.pdf

New Staff Material 2023.pdf

NJ Safe Act 23.24.pdf

NJ Safe Act backup.pdf

NJEA New Member Flyer 23.24.pdf

NJEHP Contribution Rates 2022.pdf

Payroll calendar 23.24.pdf

Summer Savings Credit Union app 23.24.pdf

summer savings memo 2023.24.pdf

Workers Comp 23.24.pdf