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New Employee Paperwork Full Time 12 Months /Administrators


Below are memos and forms for new 12 month & Administrator hires to the South River School District.  Please also submit a copy of your Driver's License and Social Security Card.   A voided check will also be needed for your direct deposit. 

### Please note that items with the # in front of them are ones that must be handed in when returning your paperwork.

#2024 NJ State Withholding Form

#2024 W-4

#Delta Dental Enrollment Form

#Direct Deposit


#Fingerprint Archive Instructions

#Fingerprint Instructions for New Applicants

#Health Exam Form

#Horizon Enrollment Form 2024-25


#Oath of Allegiance

#Pension Enrollment Form

#Pension Report of Transfer

#Salary Reduction Notice 2024-25

#Sexual Misconduct Forms

#TB Test

#Waiver Acknowledgement Form 2024-25

#Waiver Form 2024-25 pg 2

Absence Management - AESOP directions

Affidavit For Proof Memo 2024-25

Affordable Care Act 2024-25

Affordable Care act backup 2024-25

Corebridge VALIC Financial 2023-24

Delta Dental Benefits Booklet

Eligibility Form

Equitable 403B Roth Flyer

Equitable 2023

Family Leave Insurance 2024-25

FSA Enrollment Form 2024-25

FSA Highlights 2024

Garden State Health Plan Contribution Rates 2024

Healthcare Memo New Employees 2024-25

Horizon 2024-25 GSHP Plan Prescription Drug GSHP

Horizon Educator Plan Summary 2024-25

Horizon Grid Option 2024-25

Horizon Plan NJEHP Plan 2024-25 Prescription NJEHP

Horizon Plan Summary 2024-25 GSHP

MetLife 403B Brochure 2024-25

Miscellaneous Benefits 2024-25

National Life Group 2024-25

National Life Group 2024-25 pg 2

National Life Group 2024-25 pg 3

New Jersey Educator Health Plan Contribution Rates 2024-25

New Staff Material 2024

NJ Safe Act 2024-25

NJ Safe Act 2024-25 backup

NJEA New Member Flyer 2023-24

NJSA New Member Flyer

Payroll Calendar 2024-25

Summer Savings 2024-25

Summer Savings Forms 2024-25

VSP Vision Coverage

Workers Comp 2024-25