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Alternative Credit Recovery Program

We recognize that many students require an alternative approach to meeting graduation requirements. An approach that is individualized and focused on instruction that is relevant to each student. To this end, our Alternative Credit Recovery Program addresses the academic and social/emotional needs of high school students that require a different path to graduation.

The program's approach to teaching is based on how students learn. Our staff are selected based on their ability to establish strong relationships with students and their ability to be creative and flexible.

Classes in English Language Arts, Math, Science, History and Physical Education occur from 2:15 - 3:30 PM. All teachers are certified and highly qualified to teach their content. The academic focus of the program is to provide instruction that inspires each student to reach their potential. Classes are also offered online in all other content areas through APEX Learning.

A full time school counselor is on site for counseling services, to motivate students and assist them through the learning process and ultimately meet their goal of graduation.