South River Public Schools

Welcome to the South River Public School District, home of the Rams. The district has long been synonymous with the highest quality public education. Since its earliest beginnings, education remains a hallmark of life in South River. During the prior year, the district maintained its steadfast commitment to 21st century learning experiences through the assimilation of research based instructional pedagogies and cutting edge technologies as well as rigorous content central to helping students successfully navigate the challenges of the ever changing world in which we live. Teaching methodologies were personalized toward meeting the individual needs of students to enable them to reach their full academic potential. Our classrooms featured goal setting, collaboration, communication, problem solving, creative thinking, technology integration and global connections along with passionate, supportive encouragement tailored to motivate students to become astute critical thinkers and life long learners.

Excellent schools are created through the dedication of students, teachers, staff members, administrators, Board of Education members, parents and community members who are passionate about outstanding achievement. When the community of stakeholders unites to provide students with encouragement and support, they significantly strengthen the school's ability to constructively impact the educational foundation of the students. Creating an instructional environment that inspires students to learn and ensures success for all requires meaningful, informed teamwork and clear, measurable goals, coupled with a spirit of collaboration, enthusiasm and caring for the individual. The district is staunchly devoted to the assurance that all students are prepared with essential skills necessary to acquire knowledge and understanding in a stimulating, learning-efficient, student oriented environment. Together we can continue to challenge ourselves in the pursuit of excellence and as a team, make this school year our greatest success.

Over the years, South River's contagious spirit and winning traditions have played a key role in shaping the educational experience. I am confident that together with our impressive faculty, staff, administration and Board of Education, involved and caring families, a supportive community, and most importantly, our remarkable students - South River School District will achieve new heights!


Michael J. Pfister, Superintendent of Schools