South River Public Schools

Chartwells School Dining Services and the South River
Schools are fully committed to providing nutritious, quality school meals that meet the USDA school meal regulations.

Students are required to take ½ cup of fruit or vegetable
for their meal to be reimbursable.
Requiring a greater quantity and variety will expose students to more
nutrient-dense foods that are part of a healthy diet

Menus must offer specific amounts of whole grains and proteins throughout the week, but cannot exceed maximum amounts defined for each grade group.
These changes are intended to make sure students are receiving age-appropriate nutritionally-adequate meals that provide the right amount of energy from healthful foods.

What is a complete breakfast or lunch?

BREAKFAST: --1 grain product 

 Choice of 1 milk – 1% or Skim, white or chocolate

 ½ fruit

LUNCH: -- Choose a Hot Entrée, Salad or Sandwich 

Add a fruit and or vegetable or a side salad

 And 1 milk, 1% or Skim, white or chocolate

While it ispreferred that students utilize the debit system, cash will still be accepted.
There are, however, a few benefits to having money on account.
Students will not have to worry should they lose their money and lines
at the registers will move quicker which gives students more time to eat. 

South River School District has implemented an online service for parents/guardians to add money to their child’s account via the internet.
Just log onto and follow the instructions. You can easily setup multiple student accounts if you are paying for more than one student.

Pay-for-it is a secure site.
Not only can you deposit money into your student’s account, you will also be able to monitor purchases and balance. Even if you choose not to use the pay-for-it option to deposit money you can still
sign up to follow your student’s activity.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Debra Heaney, Director of Dining Services at 732-613-4073 x7220.

Thank you, and lets make it a wonderful year.